Considering a family photography session in a lavender field?

Family of five hugging in a field of lavender

If you’ve ever been to a lavender field you just know how special it is. Lavender blooms for such a short season in Ontario (July) that it’s impossible not to take advantage of its beauty. Lavender family photography sessions at Lavender Blu in Seagrave, Ontario are the perfect way to celebrate the middle of summer. These photography sessions are perfect for some quick, updated photographs in a beautiful setting.

It’s unique.

Lavender sessions are beautiful because they are unique. It’s an adventure to go out to a lavender field as they aren’t an every-day sort of location. When finding locations for family photography sessions one thing I keep in mind is how to keep families, especially children, engaged. Going to a new spot they have never been before is an adventure, and all of my kids have loved running up and down the rows of lavender – it’s a natural race-track!

It’s beautiful.

If you’ve been to a lavender field in the past you get it. The colours are stunning and they create the most beautiful backdrop for your family photography session. Lavender changes colour throughout it’s growing season, with early buds being a dark purple colour before opening to a more intense shade as the weeks progress. We will most likely hear the buzzing of bees so it’s something to be aware of for the little ones.

It’s close to home.

We are so luck in Durham region as we have several beautiful lavender fields not too far away. Lavender-Blu and Christel Lake Lavender are both in Seagrave, and Laveanne Lavender is in Campbellcroft, just north of Port Hope. All of these locations are stunning and are all just a little bit different – if you’ve seen one you haven’t seen them all. They make wonderful day trips even if you aren’t getting family photos taken. Lavender family photography sessions are the perfect way to celebrate summer.

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If you’re interested in a family photography session in a lavender field this summer book now! These sessions sold out last year so make sure it inquire soon!

Family of five hugging in a field of lavender
Family of five lying down in a field of lavender
Lavender Family photography session
Young girl looking at the cameral during a lavender family photography session
Mom and daughter twirling during a lavender family photography session

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