Laveanne Lavender Family Photography

There is something absolutely magical about having your family photographs taken at Laveanne Lavender in Port Hope, Ontario. Laveanne lavender family photography sessions provide spot for your updated photographs. Laveanne first opened to the public in July, 2013. There are currently four acres of lavender and includes a lavender labyrinth that my kids love wandering through. These fields make a stunning backdrop for family photographs. The rows of deep purple and beautiful sunsets create an experience like no other.

Couple embracing during a family photography session at Laveanne Lavender in Port Hope, Ontario
The beautiful fields at Laveanne lavender

Lavender blooms in July so it is a quick season. Laveanne Lavender is open daily throughout this time and allows photographers to rent the fields in the evenings. These fields make beautiful backdrops for family, engagement, or even wedding photography. Laveanne also has a boutique store to add to the lavender experience. In typical years there is an onsite restaurant.

Lavender looks different throughout its blooming season. In the first two weeks of July the blooms are just starting to come on, giving the rows a purple and pink hue. In mid-July the lavender plants are open fully, providing a vibrant backdrop of purple. Finally, towards the end of July the lavender plants are mature and provide a more muted, purple hue.

Laveanne Lavender is located just north of Port Hope, Ontario, an easy drive from Toronto and Peterborough. The gardens are stunning and the rows of lavender invite children to run up and down – at least my kids did! Check out my post about how to prepare for a family photography session. There’s something quite spectacular about these fields of purple. If you’re looking for an amazing place to get updated family portraits definitely consider Laveanne Lavender as a backdrop.

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Father hugging his three children during a family photography session at laveanne lavender farm in port hope, ontario
family of five hugging during a family photography session at
 a lavender field
Mother holding her youngest son in the lavender fields   in port hope, ontario
Family of five during a family photography session at laveanne lavender
Young girl dancing in the lavender fields
Parents kissing at
 laveanne lavender


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