My photography journey started when I became a mother. My three kids have taught me how quickly time goes and how easy it is to forget the little things. Photography for me is a way to help me remember these moments. How it feels to have my not-so-little boy wrap his arms around me. The way my daughter’s hair is always in her face, no matter how often we brush it. How it feels to pick them up – because in a year they will be that much heavier. This is the beauty and the art of photography. I’m Toronto born girl who’s heart still lives on a sailboat out west. We dream of a life sailing the seas, and hopefully we will get there someday. I have an addiction to searching housing listings with no plans to move, and love watching home-reno shows.

I adore the outdoors and wear crocs all the time (inside only, don’t worry). I want you to walk away from your photography experience feeling lifted up, confident, and beautiful. I want you to enjoy the experience and the time with your little ones. This is more than a photography session – it is time well spent with those you love.