Capturing memories with a nursing photography session.

I’m a mom of three. I know how long those late night nursing sessions feel. I know if feels like this time will last forever. Rocking your baby. Putting them down. Picking them back up. Short bursts of sleep whenever you can find it. Let me also tell you, as a mother of three, this time really does go by quickly. One day you’ll turn around and your little baby is not so little any more. They will sleep just a little longer. They’ll begin to see a world beyond you. This time is so special and fleeting. Let me help you document it with a nursing photography session.

Why do a nursing photography session?

Right now you are their whole world, but one day soon you’ll just be a part of it. It is so beautiful to capture this bond between your baby and you right now, so you have something to look back on.

How old should my baby be?

Nursing photography sessions can occur at any point in your journey. Often I have mamas wanting to document this time when their baby is on the cusp of weaning, but it can be done at any point. It can be included in your in home newborn session, and I have also photographed mothers nursing three year olds. Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey is right where you should be.

What should I wear?

Short answer – anything you are comfortable with. I offer a client closet with many dresses that are suitable for nursing a little one if you’d like to feel a little more special, but I have also photographed mamas wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It’s your story, so it’s all about how you want to remember it.

How do I book my nursing photography session?

This is the easy part! I’d love to connect with you about telling your story. Reach out and lets get started.

Mother breastfeeding her young baby
Black and white image of a baby nursing
Mother nursing her young baby
Close up of a young child's feet during a nursing photo session


This is your story. Let me help you tell it. I’m Kristin, and I’m so happy you’re here. I’m a Durham region photographer specializing in motherhood, maternity, and newborn photography. Let’s chase sunsets together and create some amazing memories. You’re a dreamer and a romantic. You want someone to fully see you and your family and to capture the beauty in the big moments and the small details. Your favourite photographs are the ones that capture a feeling, not the perfectly posed photos. You crave something a little bit different from the everyday – something bolder, more artistic, and even a little cinematic. I see you. Motherhood isn’t always perfect moments. Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is freaking unbelievable. It’s perfectly imperfect. Let’s capture the beautiful chaos of motherhood.