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What to wear for your newborn photos – Toronto Newborn Photographer

Looking down at a family of four with a newborn baby lying on a bed

Congratulations mama! If you’re reading this chances are that you are waiting for the arrival of your little one. You have the nursery prepared. You have the carseat installed. You have your Toronto newborn photographer booked. Now comes the question: what to wear for your newborn photos? It’s true that your baby will undoubtedly steal the show, but your own wardrobe can elevate your photographs to true art. Read on for my top three things to think about.

What does your Toronto newborn photographer’s work look like?

If you’ve already booked your newborn photography session chances are you like your photographer’s work. The easiest thing to do is reach out to your Toronto newborn photographer first for suggestions! I have a client closet full of dresses available to all my mamas. Styling is such an important part to the overall look of your session. Take a look at the photographs that you love and see what colours they are wearing. Start a pinterest board of photographs you love – you will probably start to see a trend in colours and styles!

Neutrals are timeless

These are photographs you will want to display for many years to come. Neutral colours keep the focus on your baby and your connection. Creams, whites, and khakis are great options. Don’t be afraid to add some colour though! Sweaters, scarves, and accessories such as earrings are great ways to add colour to your photographs. Earthen colours such as rusts and olive greens are great pops of colour.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin

There is no better way to showcase the connection between you and your baby than with skin to skin contact. There is a reason why this is recommended soon after birth. Incorporating clothes that can lead to skin to skin contact will help you remember how your baby really felt in your arms. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, or strapless dresses make it easy to capture beautiful photographs of your baby held in your arms. Scarves or coverups can add layer and texture and add visual interest.

The best news is that you don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe! Sugar Bump Gown rentals is a great local company that rents beautiful dresses. Your Toronto newborn photographer may also have a client closet for you to look through! I have many beautiful dresses for my clients to use. These are photographs you only take a handful of times in your life so make sure you love them! Reach out and let’s start planning your dream newborn photography sesion.

Brother holding his newborn sister's hand while she looks at the Toronto Newborn Photographer
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