What should I wear for my maternity session?

Maternity session with a pregnant mother in a field a sunset

Whether you love being pregnant or you’re counting down the days one thing is certain – these days are fleeting. As a mama of three I know how quickly the days and months go. Those little kicks and rolls – one day they’ll only be a memory. That’s why documenting this time is so important for you, both as a mama and a woman. So how to make the most of your maternity photography session? What you wear has a lot to do with it!

Pick something with movement.

This holds true no matter what type of photography session you’re thinking of, but particularly when it comes to maternity photography. Dresses, skirts, shawls or scarves that catch the wind look breath-taking. Your session is going to be full of movement so having an outfit that makes the most of this will create gorgeous photographs.

Accentuate your bump – that’s why you’re booking a maternity session!

This is not the time to hide it! If this is not your first pregnancy you’ll already know that you carry differently with each baby. Our bodies are so incredible – this is exactly what we want to celebrate! Dresses that are fitted at the top are wonderful, and if you follow my work already you know how much I love long, flowy dresses. Picture yourself cradling your baby, the wind blowing your dress all around you. Feel the emotion in that image. That’s what you want.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin.

Your maternity session is all about showing off this time in your life – so go ahead and flaunt it! These photographs will highlight your journey and can help show you just how beautiful you are right now.

Do I need to buy a whole new wardrobe?

Nope, I’ve got you, mama! Everything I’m recommending? I have a client closet full of dresses that check every box. Whether you want a beautiful lace boho type dress or a more traditional dress I have options for you. There are also some amazing local options to rent a gown – check out Sugar Bump Gown Rentals and ask about me about my photographer’s discount. Your maternity session will be beautiful, relaxed and fun. It’s a special moment for you and your family to celebrate this unique time in your life.

Ready to start planning?

I would love to talk with you about your vision and how you see your maternity session going. Reach out and let’s start planning!

Pregnant mother during her maternity photography session
Pregnant mother wearing a lace dress during her maternity photography session
Pregnant mother at sunset

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