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Extended family at Whitby beach
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I know 2020 will be known for many things, but one thing that it has clearly highlighted is what is important. Connections became paramount. Grown children reached out to their parents and many returned home for the safety and comfort their families provided. Zoom calls became the norm and somehow the distance between us seemed […]

What to expect from an extended family photoshoot

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Family hugging at Christel Lake Lavender
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Raise your hand if this is you. You’ve booked your family photos, your photographer has scouted the perfect location for you in Oshawa, you’ve found the right outfits that coordinate without matching – you’re ready to go! Then life happens. One of your kids falls asleep on the way to the photo session (you’re thrilled […]

Tips for Family Photos

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Young girl sitting on the edge of a dock at sunset
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Have you ever been scrolling through your feed and been stopped in your tracks by a beautiful, glowing photograph? Ever wondered how to capture the same thing in your photos? Chances are, nine times out of ten this type of photograph was taken during what photographers refer to as “golden hour”: that beautiful time just […]

What is golden hour and why should I care?

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