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Hamilton Photographer: Why book a motherhood session

Young girl lying with her head in her mother's lap in the corner of a brick warehouse studio

Motherhood is a time of so many emotions. Your children are so little but you also know how quickly they grow. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget how much they have grown. Take a look at a photo taken last year – it will blow you away. That’s why yearly photographs are so important – these document this time for you. It’s so important to choose a Hamilton photographer who’s style and look resonate with the feelings you want to remember.

The most important thing is to think about how you want your photographs to feel. Sometimes you might want photos to capture to fun, carefree nature of your family. Sometimes you might want candid, true-to-life images. Sometimes you might want images that show the deeper connections and emotions that are part of your life as a family. Every one of these is equally valid and important. It is absolutely OK to choose different photographers for different reasons. Life is never a straight path and neither is motherhood. Think about what is calling to you at this point in your life, and find the Hamilton photographer who’s style matches what you’re looking for in this moment.

Sessions with me tend to focus on deeper connections and moments. You will feel beautiful in one of my client dresses available to you. Imagine images that are more like paintings – I want to romanticize your experience as a mother. There is always time for the day-to-day. I want you to step out of that for just a moment and feel the big feelings. The beauty and the pain that is motherhood.

These sessions captured below were styled by the amazing Sugarbump Gown rentals (discount available if you would to rent any dresses). Reach out if these images speak to you and we will start planning your perfect motherhood session.

Mother and daughter spinning in long dresses in a warehouse studio in Hamilton
Young girl lying with her head in her mother's lap in the corner of a brick room.
Young girl looking up at her mother while her mother holds her chin. Both are wearing long white lace dresses.
Young girl lying with her head in her mother's lap while looking up at her. Both are seated on a vintage pink couch in a Hamilton studio.

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