What to wear to your Peterborough Maternity Photography session

Congratulations! You’ve got your due date, you have your maternity photos booked. Now comes to question: what to wear to your Peterborough maternity photography session? Read on for the top things that look great in photos.

Accentuate that bump.

This is the whole reason why we’re here! Make sure that whatever you wear really highlights that growing baby belly of yours. Maxi dresses are wonderful – make sure what they gather nicely up top to really showcase your bump. Not a dress gal? Blue jeans and a tank work great too – you can even think about wearing pre-preggo jeans unzipped and a bare belly if you’re brave!

Think about movement.

It’s not something you might naturally think about, but chances are that your Peterborough maternity photographer is thinking about ways to incorporate movement into your photographs. This is one way we love to create feeling and emotion in our work. An easy way to do this is through wardrobe choices! Imagine your maxi dress catching the wind, or a scarf blowing behind you. When thinking about what to wear, consider light fabrics that can easily catch a breeze, or flowy material that you can swish about you. Try to avoid thicker fabrics with less movement. Take a look at this blog post about a recent session ti get a better idea of this.

Colour matters for your Peterborough maternity photos!

This is a great time to connect with your Peterborough maternity photographer. Some photographers edit in such a way that bright and bold colours look gorgeous, while others may favour neutrals. Take a look at your photographer’s portfolio. Do they tend to show a lot of creams and whites? Or do you see lots of pops of colour like burgundy or orange? Think about how you want your photos to look as well, and what colours you prefer. Generally speaking, pastels are sometimes harder to edit (though not impossible), and really bright colours can sometimes cast colours onto you (which you probably don’t want!) As with any photography session, try to avoid neon colours and clothing with large logos (and that goes for your partner, too!)

Think about renting your dress!

Something that not everyone realizes is an option is renting your dress! Chances are you probably are only going to wear this dress once (or at most a handful fo times). There are quite a few local companies that allow you to rent your dress and get something pretty incredible for a fraction of the cost! Sugarbump gown rentals has over 200 gowns, ranging from boho-type looks to full glamorous gowns (and I have a discount code for clients to use).

Not sure how to choose the Peterborough maternity photographer that’s right for you? Take a look at my recent blog post top things to look for in your maternity photographer for some important things to think about. And finally – reach out if you want to start planning your own epic maternity photos!

Pregnant woman lying on a white chair in a field during her peterborough maternity session
pregnant woman in a field at sunset


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