Considering a Whitby Studio Motherhood Session?

Young baby girl in her mother's arms during a whitby motherhood session

Have you ever heard the term “motherhood session” and wondered just what they were about? Who are they for? What can you expect? Is your child too young? Too old? Of course this is different between photographers, but I’m looking to share a bit about what you can expect when booking a Whitby Motherhood Session with me.

What is a motherhood session?

A motherhood session, in my mind, is a session dedicated to celebrating your unique connection with your babe (or babies). This is such an incredible bond. As mothers we hear all the time about how quickly time goes and how quickly they grow. And it’s true. Think about friends you haven’t seen as much as you used to because of COVID. How much their children seem to have grown since the last time. Yearly family photos are important, but motherhood sessions hold a special place in my heart. This is a moment all about you and them. These sessions capture the little moments, the small hands on yours, how they nurse, how they snuggle up into you. All the details.

Are my babies too little/ are my kids too big?

The beauty of a motherhood session is that it is absolutely unique to you and your kiddos. Your baby can be a newborn or little one and we can capture you hold them up on your chest, how you stroke their hair, or how they nurse to sleep. Your babes can be toddlers and we can capture their personalities, quirks and all. You children can be older. We can capture the more mature hugs and embraces. These are the moments you want to remember for years to come.

What about maternity sessions?

You’re a mama from the moment you have that baby inside of you. Whether this is your first babe or your third, a motherhood session can capture this special time in your life. And absolutely bring any other kiddos you have – the bond between siblings is amazing.

Where do motherhood sessions typically take place?

These sessions can take place anywhere. I have several studios in the Durham Region that provide a gorgeous backdrop for these sessions, including The Vintage Loft Studio in Whitby, Ontario. These indoor sessions tend to have a beautiful classic, timeless feel to them. Another option would be a sunset session outdoors when the weather is warm – imagine beautiful back-lit sun embracing you and your babes. The possibilities are endless.

How do I find out more information about motherhood sessions?

Reach out! Motherhood sessions are my absolute favourite sessions. There’s something magical about the bond between mama and babe. I want to make you feel like the freaking goddess that you are and capture these moments for you.

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Mother hugging her two young boys during a motherhood session
Mother kissing her baby daughter on her cheek during a studio photography session in Whitby
Pregnant mother lying on a stool during a motherhood photography session
Newborn baby smiling in his mother's arms
Mother holding her young baby during a photography session in whitby


This is your story. Let me help you tell it. I’m Kristin, and I’m so happy you’re here. I’m a Durham region photographer specializing in motherhood, maternity, and newborn photography. Let’s chase sunsets together and create some amazing memories. You’re a dreamer and a romantic. You want someone to fully see you and your family and to capture the beauty in the big moments and the small details. Your favourite photographs are the ones that capture a feeling, not the perfectly posed photos. You crave something a little bit different from the everyday – something bolder, more artistic, and even a little cinematic. I see you. Motherhood isn’t always perfect moments. Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is freaking unbelievable. It’s perfectly imperfect. Let’s capture the beautiful chaos of motherhood.