Top tips for planning your Bowmanville maternity photography session

Thinking about a maternity photoshoot? When you’re preparing for a new baby there are so many things you’re juggling. It doesn’t have to be hard – keep in mind these top tips when planning your Bowmanville maternity photography session!

Pregnant woman standing in a field at sunset wearing a white dress

1. Wardrobe Matters

For all photoshoots wardrobe can easily elevate your session, and this is especially true for maternity photography. You want to show off your beautiful baby bump – but how to do this without ending up looking like a tent? First of all make sure you connect with your photographer. Often photographers have client dresses specifically for maternity sessions. These dresses are designed with the specific purpose of looking good in photographs. Movement is beautiful in photographs, so materials that easily catch the breeze or long skirts that can be flung into the wind look stunning. The fit is important and will help create the look. Do you want a fitted mermaid dress? This creates a sophisticated, traditional look. Want a more free flowing, relaxed look? Consider more boho-type dresses that work well outdoors. Make sure your photographer knows the look you want so that they can help with wardrobe planning. Many photographers have their own client dresses and there are also some great places you can rent dresses from, including Sugarbump Gown Rentals so you don’t have to buy a dress you’ll only wear once. My work tends more towards free-flowing, boho-style dresses.

2. Timing is important

For both maternity and newborn photoshoots timing is so important. Maternity shoots are generally booked anytime after 28 weeks. You want to make sure you have a bump to show off and still be able to move around comfortably! Many things go into this timing – if it’s your first pregnancy we might wait until you’re farther along, but with second or third (or later) babies you do end up showing faster (sorry but it’s true!) Knowing your body is so key in planning your maternity photo session.

3. Pamper yourself for your photo session

This is definitely the time to go all out in making sure you look and feel stunning. Take the time to get your hair and makeup done professionally – it will take the stress out of the day this is the time to pamper yourself! There are many amazing hair and make-up artists throughout the GTA and Durham regions, and I love working with Karen from Lubu Makeup. Then relax and show up for your photo session. Your photographer will help you feel at ease and relaxed. Maternity sessions generally include more specific posing that may feel unnatural when you do it (try not to laugh!) but result in beautiful portraits. The key is to trust your photographer and have a little fun with it!

Looking to schedule your Bowmanville maternity photography session? Reach out and let’s get planning!

Pregnant mother holding her belly while her young daughter hugs her in s a studio in Oshawa
Pregnant woman holding her belly during a maternity photo session in Oshawa
Pregnant woman in a field at sunset during a maternity photography session
Pregnant woman holding her belly during a Bowmanville maternity photography session


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