How to prepare for your in-home newborn session.

A while ago I created a blog post about the reasons why you might want to have an in-home newborn photography session. Not only are these sessions more unique and special to your family, they also are much easier to prepare for. You don’t need to worry about carting everything out (why do such tiny people have so much stuff?) and you have everything you need to keep your older kids happy. There still are some things to consider, to read on!

Think about your wardrobe.

Like any newborn session, what you wear is key in how your photographs turn out. This is so unique to you. In-home sessions can have a more laid-back feel or they can have a more sophisticated vibe, and a lot of this depends on your wardrobe. Do you want a cozy, more realistic representation of how your first few weeks are going? Think of cozy sweaters, fitted leggings and t-shirts. Want a more sophisticated look? Try one of my dresses in my client closet! While it typically doesn’t represent day-to-day life as well, this can create beautiful images. Want to have a combination of the two? Totally doable! Another beauty of being in your home is that it allows for easy wardrobe changes. Whatever you decide, some key factors always apply – try to steer clear of obvious labels or graphics on your clothing if possible, and try to pick colours that work well together (neutrals are always a safe bet). And I’m here every step of the way to help!

Think about baby’s wardrobe.

You’re not the only one in these photos, and it’s safe to say you aren’t going to be the main attraction! Fear not, you don’t need to go out and buy baby a wardrobe specific for photos. In most cases a simple onesie or even just a diaper is best. We want baby to be comfortable, and at the same time we want to be able to capture all those squishy little details – toes, fingers, eyes, nose. It’s about your baby, not what they’re wearing. If you really want baby to have a new outfit, Petit Nordique in Bowmanville has an amazing selection of onsies and knot-gowns, as well as super sweet accessories like bows. I also have a selection of wraps because babies love being swaddled nice and comfy.

Watch the light in your house.

Light is the basis of photographs. As a photographer I’m always seeking out the best light and thinking about how to show your story using it. Before your in-home newborn session I’ll ask you to keep an eye on the light in your house for a few days. Watch where it falls in the morning or afternoon. Some things to think about: is it harsh light (does the sun shine directly into a room we might use)? Is it softer, more diffuse? Even the colour of rooms changes how bright it seems – a light coloured room will look brighter than one painted a darker colour. Seems obvious, but all these things will play a role in how your photographs turn out, and what look we can achieve. Lighter, brighter rooms will create brighter, softer photographs, while a darker room might produce a more moody result. Both are beautiful, but keep this in mind when planning your session.

Tidy clutter. Or not.

I know, you’ve just had a newborn. I still remember how exhausted I felt driving BACK to the hospital for what seemed like the tenth time for feeding issues. I’m not saying deep clean your house. Just think about those specific rooms we’ve identified as having the best light where we will most likely spend most of our time, and make sure there are no stray pajamas across the floor, plastic waterbottles on the side table, or granola wrappers (I always had snacks handy when I nursed). Remember, however, that this is YOUR house and these are YOUR photos. The beauty of an in-home newborn session is that it really is about your family as they are. So maybe you want to leave the breast pump on your dresser to remember all those long pumping sessions. Maybe socks on top of the nightstand tells a story about how what really matters right now is your baby and your bond. Again – this is your story.

I’d love to hear about how we can make your in-home newborn photography session unique to you – reach out and we’ll start planning!

Looking down at a newborn baby in his mother's arms in a newborn photography session
Close-up of a newborn's face during a lifestyle newborn session
Mother cradling her newborn baby during an in-home newborn session
Black and white of a mother holding her baby during an in-home newborn session
Mother holding her baby during an in-home newborn session

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