Should I have an in-home Oshawa newborn photography session?

Mother with her three young children during a newborn photography session in Oshawa

There is something absolutely incredible about newborns. The way they feel on your chest, the smell of their heads, the little sounds they make. All of my babies would make the cutest face when they arched their backs. Finding the perfect Oshawa newborn photographer for your family is so important. One of the most important things to consider is whether you want to bring your baby to a studio or if you want the photographer to come to you. Read on to see why an in-home Oshawa newborn photography session might be right for you.

Why have an in-home newborn photography session?

This is going to be absolutely individual to you and your family, and what your vision for your newborn photographs is. Often studio newborn photography sessions focus more on wrapped, posed photos of baby all on their own. As a lifestyle photographer I love photographs that highlight connections and evoke feelings. Here are my top reasons for having an in-home lifestyle newborn photography session:

You’re in the comfort of your own home

It’s challenging to prepare to leave the house with a newborn. Add siblings into the picture and it becomes an ordeal sometimes! I remember vividly the long list of things you need to ensure you bring with you. Having an in-home lifestyle newborn photography session means you don’t have to worry about this. If you suddenly need a change of clothes for your baby (or you – because we know that happens) you’ve got them. You have all the snacks (and distractions) that your toddler requires. It’s just one thing you don’t have to think about.

Your photographs will highlight your family’s connection

Whether it is your first or your third, a new baby is part of a family. I believe your newborn photographs should show the love and unique connection of your family. The way your partner cradles your baby’s head. The way your daughter softly kisses her nose. You want to remember these details – they fade so quickly.

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions don’t need to be scheduled in the first two weeks.

Most studio newborn photography sessions take place within the first two weeks of birth. This is when babies typically sleep the most and can be swaddled and placed in different poses. When you have a lifestyle session this isn’t as strict a timeline. Maybe the first two weeks are a sleep-deprived haze. Maybe you are having a c-section and need time to heal. With lifestyle newborn photography sessions focusing less on posed shots of your baby you have more flexibility with when you schedule your session.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider an in home Oshawa newborn photography session. If you want to capture your new family’s memories reach out! Let’s start planning your perfect session.

Mother kissing her newborn's head during an in-home newborn photography session
Newborn baby on his parent's bed
Young children holding their newborn brother during a newborn photography session
Mother holding her new baby while her dog looks up
Young boy kissing his baby brother's forehead
Mother caressing her newborn baby
Mother holding her newborn baby in front of her window in Oshawa

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