How to do your own in-hospital newborn photography session in Peterborough

Newborn photograph in the hospital in Peterborough Ontario

First of all, you are one amazing mama. Pregnancy is a crazy time during normal circumstances, and you’ve made it through during a global pandemic! This newborn photography session took place at Peterborough Regional Health Centre prior to COVID, and was where I gave birth to my first. Giving birth transforms you. If you’ve already had a baby you know what I mean – if you’re getting ready for your first you’ll know soon enough. I can’t get over how dream-like those first few hours are with your newborn (but maybe that’s due to the lack of sleep?) These are moments you’ll only have once – make sure you document them somehow. Until we are allowed to do professional newborn photography again in hospitals here are some tips for capturing your own newborn photographs.

Just watch your baby.

I don’t know if I can stress this one enough! Your body has gone through a tremendous experience. You’re exhausted, hungry, thirsty, elated, overjoyed, and maybe a little bit overwhelmed. You will have people coming in and out of the room at all hours of the day and night. Make sure you take time to just sit, with your baby in your arms and watch them. Listen to the little sounds they make. Look at how their tiny fingers grasp yours. Be in the moment. A newborn photography session in Peterborough is just your baby. How she is. Don’t overthink it.

Take videos.

An extension of watching your baby. Take short clips of your baby. Their breathing. Their sounds. Video adds so much and trust me – these memories fade quickly.

Turn off the lights.

Hospitals have the worst lights. It’s also sometimes next to impossible to figure out how to turn all those lights off! Do your best to turn them all off and use whatever window light there is. This might mean being right beside the window. Natural window light will provide you with the best light. Don’t worry about shadows – these help add to the details and beauty.

Play around with perspectives and remember the details.

Try to get photos looking down on your baby from above, from beside. Remember to take photos of all their little details – toes, fingers, mouth, skin. These are all those little things that change so quickly.

Enlist help. You don’t need to do these newborn photographs alone.

Don’t try to do this alone, and if you’re not up to it at all pass off your camera to someone. This goes back to not expecting perfection. These photos will be real, raw representations of what you’ve gone through. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it.

Finally, make sure you’re in the photo too.

This is going to be tough. I’ve given birth three times and definitely didn’t feel photo worthy. Let go. Get someone to snap some photos of you too. Close ups of just your baby in your arms are beautiful, as are photos of you sitting by the window. Make sure you capture yourself. Definitely reach out so we can schedule your in-home lifestyle newborn session once you’re back home. Take a look at why you might want to do an in-home lifestyle session.

Newborn baby during a newborn photography session at Peterborough hospital
Close up of a newborn baby in hospital
Close up of baby's toes in hosptial
Baby during a newborn photography session in Peterborough hospital
Close-up of newborn's hand during a newborn photography session in Peterborough
Looking down at a newborn baby in hospital

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