How to choose your Peterborough photographer

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Type in “Peterborough Photographer” in Google and you quickly receive over 2 million results. While I know there are not two million photographers in Peterborough, there still are quite a few so the question becomes how do you choose? Family photographs are heirlooms that you will cherish – my kids love looking through our yearly photobooks. Here are a few things to consider when looking for your perfect match.

What type of photographs do you want?

Are you wanting posed portraits where everyone looks at the camera? Or do you prefer a lifestyle approach where the photographer captures the interactions between your family? Both are wonderful approaches, but the style you gravitate towards should lead you to the type of photographer you book. I am a lifestyle photographer, which means the majority of your gallery will be full of photographs depicting movement and connection. I am a teacher and a mom of three, so I understand how kids often do exactly the opposite of what you’re anticipating. With a lifestyle photography approach we have the time to play games, for your kids to warm up to having their photo taken, and to get their sillies out. As a mom some of the photos I love best are those that encapsulate a feeling – stroking my daughter’s hair, feeling the tight squeeze of my son’s hugs, hearing my youngest’s laughter.

What do you plan on doing with your photographs?

Some people might want that “one” perfect photograph to hang on their mantle. Others are looking for several family photographs to integrate into a gallery wall. Perhaps you want updated photos for a book or for gifts for the grandparents? Do you want to share your gallery with your friends on social media? Knowing what you want to do with your photos will help guide you in your search for your photographer. Do they offer the digital images from your session? Are you able to print your own photos or do you need to go through their printing lab?

How many photos do you want?

Some photographers offer a set package of so many digital images, often with the option to purchase additional images. Others offer an all-inclusive price for your entire gallery. Both have their benefits. Generally in a lifestyle session an all-inclusive approach works better because you can capture all the little moments. I love capturing tiny details such as fingers curled around their parent’s hand or soft whispers of hair blowing in the wind. Lifestyle photography lends itself well to exploring the beautiful landscapes around Peterborough and capturing some perfect family photos along the way.

What photography style speaks to you?

Take the time to really look at the photographer’s portfolio. This I can’t stress enough. Take the time to thoroughly go through a Peterborough photographer’s portfolio and social media accounts. Look at how they edit and capture light. Photography is an art and each photographer’s style will be different in terms of light, composition, and editing style. Find a photographer who’s work speaks to you.

What do you think is the most important quality in your Peterborough family photographer? Feel free to comment below – and while you’re at it, make sure to check out my portfolio 😉 Get in touch and let’s start planning your perfect session!

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