What to expect from an extended family photoshoot

I know 2020 will be known for many things, but one thing that it has clearly highlighted is what is important. Connections became paramount. Grown children reached out to their parents and many returned home for the safety and comfort their families provided. Zoom calls became the norm and somehow the distance between us seemed not so large. We had many birthday parties through the computer and because of this all of our family members could be present – whether they were in our province or a different country. Covid brought us together in a way we would not have been otherwise. It has reminded us to be here, be present with those around us because, as it always has been, we don’t know what tomorrow brings.
Katie knew that her time with her family was precious – it was the first time her newest niece was able to visit and what better time to gather the whole family together for some lasting memories at the beach.

So what can you expect from an extended family session?

  • To start with, planning is so important. Katie and I talked about who was coming and she highlighted what types of photographs and family groupings she had in mind. We had a mixture of posed family portraits as well as the fun candids that really show connection. Having an idea of what family groupings you’d like to see beforehand helps the session run smoothly
  • As with any photo session, timing is so important to get beautiful photos. With one family member flying out that evening and needing to accommodate nap times we settled on an early morning beach session. Rest assured I always check out locations beforehand to make sure that we will have beautiful light and locations for our session. Ever wondered why photographers love to shoot at sunset or sunrise? Take a look here https://kristinsinclairphotography.com/2020/09/21/what-is-golden-hour-and-why-should-i-care/
  • Wardrobe – as with any session wardrobe can elevate your photographs. This family knocked it out of the park. Blue and white is always elegant and they incorporated different patterns and shades to add interest. Coordinating without matching is key!
  • Have fun! Relax – I know getting so many people together can be stressful, but put your faith in me. I used to be a teacher so I can definitely break out my teacher voice and I currently have three kids so I’m well versed in wrangling people together. This is time to enjoy each other, to be in the moment, and I will be there to ensure we document this time and preserve your memories.

This year has certainly made us aware of how fleeting life is and to be grateful for what we have, right now. This is the perfect time to capture some memories. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can create these memories for you https://www.kristinsinclairphotography.com/contact


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